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The problem with writing a food blog is that I’m on Weight Watchers.

Ok, maybe that’s a very person-specific problem. But you feel me, right?

Take this week’s Sweet Potato Bread. Yummy, delicious, moist vegetable bread. Not so delicious? 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. Sigh. Oh, oil. I used to love you so. Cue montage of me + oil, frolicking awkwardly (because it’s oil).

I ended up making some substitutions for my version of Sweet Potato Bread… Sweet Potato Muffins. I won’t tell you what I did because they were just okay. Mostly, it involved using applesauce instead of oil which I have decided you should never do. It always ends up tasting like “diet food.” They tasted fine. Just fine. Not worth the 4 points in each (5 with some creamed cheese topping) though.

BUT. Look how pretty the pics came out! Oh, iPhone 4S. Never leave me.

Celebrate: I lost 0.4 pounds this week!!!! 12 pounds to go! Think that’s not worth celebrating? That’s 2 giant chicken breasts that are now OFF my body. That’s a Big Mac OFF my body. So, yes. We’re celebrating. Weight loss should be low and slow, the brisket of achievements.

Entry filed under: Weight Loss Journal.

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