Some Kitchen Stories (new blog!)

May 3, 2011 at 12:29 pm Leave a comment

This is a new project I’ve been working on with my buddy/co-worker Nicole. She’s an amazing photographer and designer (see: header of this blog) and has been sweet enough to provide me with some of her work in the past- first as art for my kitchen and then photos of recipes I used in the cookbook I made for my mom and a few friends last Christmas.

She’s always looking for new food subjects to photograph and since she lives so close to the office, we came up with an idea:

– Meet at her apartment once or twice a week.

– Cook something delicious.

– She takes the pictures.

– I write something up and post them.

I knew immediately that I didn’t want to go the traditional route of food blogging- mostly because there are so many people out there who already do it far better than I ever could (just check out our Sources/Inspiration list on the new blog to find them). I wanted to do something fun- something that played more to my strengths just like Nicole did with hers. Her boyfriend Mike, an amazing illustrator, was generous enough to do the header and the background for us. Nicole and Mike have been working on the design for a while but it’s ready! It’s finally ready!

Each post is written as an excerpt of a story. It’s kind of like flipping through a novel and reading a scene. The recipe is slipped into the scene somewhere- sometimes it’ll be the focus, other times it will just be in the background.

And… I’m super excited about this- there will be one recurring storyline. Every once in a while, we’ll check back in on “Smitty & The Girl” to find out what’s the latest in a small (fictional) Cliffwood diner named Smitty’s. Missed a few episodes? Just click on “Smitty & The Girl” in the main nav to get caught up!

If we got the recipe from a blog, we’ll cite the blog and talk a little bit about why you should read that blog (because love begets love) as well as our own.

We hope you like it! Visit


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