Well, that was. Well.

April 18, 2011 at 2:55 pm

I had all these lofty PLANS. I kept making excuses. Here is a short list of things I needed/wanted to do before I starting selling my novel online:

– Finish Book 2

– Pay my brother to design a cover for it

– Pay my brother more money to design a super sweet map of the amusement park that would be displayed on the first two pages of the book (because it is a known fact that books that come with maps are awesome)

– Change everything about it. Revise everything until it no longer resembles the 400 page behemoth you see before you.

– Die and wait for a relative to mournfully publish it for me when I am no longer alive to feel the shame of its failure and rejection by the masses

And then today. Today is one of Those Days. I woke up and there was snow on the ground. I walked to the bus and it was cold and blustery with a rain/snow combination that, come LATE APRIL, would make Pollyanna herself cut a bitch.  Work has been a torrent of frustration. My dietary lunch was sad and unfulfilling. I watched one of the Twilight movies last night. I’ve been carrying around the news that someone I love is sick again (this list of complaints is obviously not written in order of importance btw, though those Twilight movies are really, really, really bad).

I was sitting here at my desk, grinding my teeth into a fine, delicious powder that I could then re-eat (I checked Weight Watchers and stress-teeth-powder is only 2 points. SCORE!), when my boss came up and left a package on my desk.


Hello, my book.

There are few things that can match this feeling, seeing something you created out of thin air! with your mind grapes! in actual, tangible form. Sure, it’s not as REAL and PRETTY as a book in Barnes & Noble but holy shit, I am in love with it. I keep dropping my hand to touch it while I’m working, afraid it might run away, like when I got my Mini Cooper in LA and I kept turning around to stare at it once I’d leave it parked somewhere, like if I turned around really fast, it would disappear in a red-and-white puff of smoke.

I put this picture up on Facebook and then I just… I don’t know what happened. I logged back into Lulu, stuck a price on the book and made it public. MADE IT PUBLIC. What’s happening here? How did this? What? My book, in its raw, ugly-cover form, is now available for PURCHASE. You can BUY IT. Or download it! For a mere $2! And read it at work while you’re pretending to read official work documents! Right? Isn’t that crazy? It’s CRAZY.

I’m still going to edit it- I have a pile of notes from some lovely, wonderful readers and my book club is going to read it, ugh, and hopefully I’ll have even more actionable notes for a Second Edition. God, I love all these WORDS. I LOVE THEM.

The Secret Ones is available for purchase here. Makes for a lovely housewarming gift.

The Secret Ones

Sheila Monroe just left her son at an amusement park. On purpose. But don’t worry-  she has her reasons…

Paperback: $14.99


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