TV: I am so tired of cops, lawyers and doctors

June 14, 2010 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

Seriously. Enough is enough. I’m going to create a TV blog dedicated to television’s obsession with all three occupations. LOOK AT THIS LIST. It’s insane.
10-8: Officers on Duty (USA, 2002-2003)
21 Jump Street (USA, 1987-1991)
24 (USA, 2001-2010)
240-Robert (USA, 1979-1981)
77 Sunset Strip (USA, 1958-1964)
Adam-12 (USA, 1968-1975)
Alias (USA, 2001-2006)
Der Alte (Germany, 1976-present)
America’s Most Wanted (reality) (USA, 1988-present)
The Avengers (UK, 1961-1969)
A Touch of Frost (UK, 1992-2009)
Ashes to Ashes (UK, 2008-present)
Angela’s Eyes (USA, 2006)
The Academy (reality) (USA, 2007-2008)
B.J. and the Bear (USA, 1979-1981)
Backup (UK, 1995-1997)
Bakersfield P.D. (USA, 1993-1994)
Banacek (USA, 1972-1974)
Baretta (USA, 1975-1978)
Barnaby Jones (USA, 1973-1980)
Barney Miller (comedy; USA, 1975-1982)
Bergerac (UK, 1981-1991)
Big Apple (USA, 2001)
The Bill (UK, 1984-present)
Blue Heelers (Australia, 1994-2006)
The Blue Knight (USA, 1975)
Blue Murder (Canada, 2001-2004)
Bones (USA, 2005-present)
Booker (USA, September 24, 1989 to May 6, 1990)
Boomtown (USA, 2002-2003)
Bourbon Street Beat (USA, 1959-1960)
Brooklyn South (USA, 1997-1998)
Der Bulle von Tölz (Germany, 1996-present)
Border Security Australia’s Front Line (Australia, 2004-present)
Cagney & Lacey (USA, 1982-1988)
Cannon (USA, 1971-1976)
Car 54, Where Are You? (comedy; USA, 1961-1963)
Castle (USA, 2009-present)
Charlie’s Angels (USA, 1976-1981)
CHiPs (USA, 1977-1983)
C.I.D. (India, 1998-present)
C.I.D. Special Bureau (India, 2005-2006)
City Homicide (Australia, 2007-present)
Close to Home (USA, 2005-2007)
The Closer (USA, 2005-present)
Cold Case (USA, 2003-present)
Cold Squad (Canada, 1998-2004)
Columbo (USA, 1971-1994)
COPS (reality; USA, 1989-present)
Cop Shop (Australia) (1977-1984)
Cracker (original) (UK, 1993-1996)
Cracker (remake) (USA, 1997-1999)
Crime & Punishment (reality; USA, 2002-2004)
Criminal Minds (USA/Canada, 2005-present)
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior(USA, starting in 2010)
Crossing Jordan (USA, 2001-2007)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (USA/Canada, 2000-present)
CSI: Miami (USA/Canada, 2002-present)
CSI: NY (USA/Canada, 2004-present)
Crash Investigation Unit (Australia, 2008-present)
Dalziel and Pascoe (UK 1996-2007)
Danger Man (UK, 1960-1962 and 1964-1968)
Dark Blue (USA, 2009- present)
David Cassidy: Man Under Cover (USA, 1978-1979)
The Dead Zone (USA/Canada, 2002-2007)
The Defenders (USA, 1961-1965)
Dempsey & Makepeace (UK, 1985-1986)
Derrick (West Germany, 1974-1998)
Dexter (USA, 2006- present)
Diagnosis: Murder (USA, 1993-2001)
The District (USA, 2000-2004)
Division 4 (Australia, 1969-1975)
Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol (reality)
Dixon of Dock Green (UK, 1955-1976)
Dragnet (USA, 1951-1959, 1967-1970, 1989-1991 and 2003-2004)
Due South (Canada/USA, 1994-1999)
Duggan (New Zealand, 1999)
Eleventh Hour (USA, 2008-2009)
Ellery Queen (USA, 1975-1976)
Der Ermittler (Germany,2001-2005)
Eureka (USA, 2006-present)
The F.B.I. (USA, 1965-1974)
The FBI Files (documentary, USA; 1998-2006)
Ein Fall für Zwei (Germany, 1981-present)
Fastlane (2002-2003)
Father Dowling Mysteries (USA, 1987-1991)
FlashForward (USA, 2009-2010)
Flashpoint (Canada-USA, 2008-present)
Foyle’s War (UK, 2002-present)
Fringe (USA, 2008-present)
The Fugitive (USA, 1963-1967 and 2000-2001)
Funky Squad (Comedy; Australia, 1997)
The First 48 (USA, 2004-present)
The Gentle Touch (UK, 1980-1984)
Gorilla – The Police 8th Investigation Unit (Japan – 1989)
Harry O (USA, 1974-1976)
Hart to Hart (USA, 1979-1984)
Hawaii Five-O (USA, 1968-1980)
Hawaii Five-O (2010 version) (USA, starting in 2010)
Hawaiian Heat (USA, 1984)
Hawk (USA, 1966)
Heartbeat (UK, 1992-present)
Heartlanders (Singapore, 2002-2005)
High Incident (USA, 1996-1997)
Highway Patrol (USA, 1955-1959)
Hill Street Blues (USA, 1981-1987)
HolbyBlue (UK, 2007)
Homicide (Australia, 1964-1977)
Homicide: Life on the Street (USA, 1993-1999)
Hot Pursuit (reality; USA, 2006-present)
Human Target (USA-Canada, 2010-present)
Hunter (USA, 1984-1991)
In the Heat of the Night (USA, 1988-1994)
In Justice (USA, 2006)
In Plain Sight (USA, 2008-present)
Im Namen des Gesetzes
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (UK, 2001-2007)
Inspector Morse (UK/USA, 1987-2000)
Inspector Rex (Austria/Germany, 1994-2004)
Ironside (USA, 1967-1975)
It Takes a Thief (USA)
JAG (USA, 1995-2005)
Jake and the Fatman (USA, 1987-1992)
Joe Forrester (USA, 1975-1976)
Judd, for the Defense (USA, 1967-1969)
Judge Judy (reality; USA, 1996-present)
Juliet Bravo (UK, 1980-1985)
Justified (USA, 2010-present)
Juvenile Jury (game-show, USA, 1947-1954)
Keen Eddie (USA, 2003)
Kojak (USA, 1973-1978 and 2005)
Der Kommissar (West Germany, 1969-1975)
Die Kommissarin (Germany, 1994-present)
K-Ville (USA, 2007)
L.A. Heat (USA, 1999)
LAPD: Life On the Beat (reality; USA, 1995-1999)
Las Vegas (USA, 2003-2008)
Law & Order (USA, 1990-2010)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (USA, 2001-present)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Russia, 2007-present; an official adaptation of Criminal Intent)
Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation (Russia, 2007-present; an official adaptation of Special Victims Unit)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (USA, 1999-present)
Law & Order: UK (UK, 2009-present)
Law & Order: Los Angeles (USA, starting in 2010)
Lie to Me (USA, 2009-present)
Life (USA, 2007-2009)
Life on Mars (original) (Sci-fi; UK, 2006-2007)
Life on Mars (remake) (Sci-fi; USA, 2008-2009)
Lincoln Heights (USA, 2007-2009)
Magnum, P.I. (USA, 1980-1988)
Manhunt (USA, 1959-1961)
Mannix (USA, 1967-1975)
Martial Law (USA, 1998-2000)
Matlock (USA, 1986-1995)
Matlock Police (Australia, 1971-1975)
Matt Houston (USA, 1982-1985)
McCloud (USA, 1970-1977)
McMillan and Wife (USA, 1971-1977)
Medium (USA, 2005-present)
The Mentalist (USA, 2008-present)
Metamorphosis (Singapore, 2007)
Miami Vice (USA, 1984-1990)
Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (USA, 1958-1960 and 1984-1985)
Midnight Caller (USA, 1988-1991)
Midsomer Murders (UK, 1997-present)
Millennium (USA, 1996-1999)
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (USA, 1979-1981)
The Mod Squad (USA, 1968-1973)
Monk (USA, 2002-2009)
Moonlighting (USA, 1985-1989)
Moonlight (USA, 2007-2008)
Ein Mord für Quandt
Mortimer’s Patch (New Zealand, c1982)
Most Wanted (USA, 1976-1977)
Murder City (UK, 2004-2006)
Murder One (USA, 1995-1997)
Murder Call (Australia, 1997-2000)
Murder in Suburbia (UK, 2004-2005)
Murder, She Wrote (USA, 1984-1996)
Naked City (USA, 1958-1963)
Nash Bridges (USA, 1996-2001)
NCIS (USA, 2003-present)
NCIS: Los Angeles (USA, 2009-Present)
New Amsterdam (USA, 2008)
New York Undercover(USA, 1994-1998)
Night Court (comedy) (USA, 1984-1992)
Night Heat (Canada 1985-1989)
N.Y.P.D. (USA, 1967-1969)
NYPD Blue (USA, 1993-2005)
Numb3rs (USA, 2005-2010)
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (USA, 1971-1974)
Ohara (USA, 1987-1988)
O’Hara, U.S. Treasury (USA, 1971-1972)
Operation Good Guys (comedy; UK, 1997-2000)
Pacific Blue (USA, 1996-2000)
Painkiller Jane (USA, 2007)
Paris Criminal Investigations (France, 2007-present)
The People’s Court (reality; USA, 1981-present)
Perry Mason (USA, 1957-1966)
Police Academy: The Series (comedy; USA, 1997-1998)
Police & Thief (comedy; Singapore, 2004-2007)
Police Squad! (comedy; USA, 1982)
Police Story (USA, 1973-1977)
Police Woman (USA, 1974-1978)
Police Woman of Broward County (USA, 2009)
Police Woman of Maricopa County (USA, 2010)
Prime Suspect (UK, 1991-2006)
Prison Break (USA, 2005-2009)
The Profiler (USA, 1996-2000)
Psych (USA, 2006-present)
The Pretender (USA, 1996-2000)
Quincy, M.E. (USA, 1976-1983)
Raines (USA, 2007)
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (UK, 1969-1970)
Remington Steele (USA, 1982-1987)
Reno 911! (comedy; USA, 2003–2009)
RoboCop: The Series (Sci-Fi; 1994)
Richard Diamond, Private Detective (USA, 1957-1960)
The Rockford Files (USA, 1974-1980)
Rockliffe’s Babies (UK)
The Rookies (USA, 1972-1976)
Rookie Blue (USA, starting in 2010)
Rush (Australia, 2008-present)
Saving Grace (USA, 2007-2010)
The Saint (UK, 1962-1969)
Seletar Robbery (Singapore, 1982)
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (USA, 1955-1958)
The Shield (USA, 2002-2008)
Shoestring (UK, 1979–1980)
Shields Of Justice (USA, 1972–1983)
Silent Number (Australia, 1974-1975)
Silent Witness (UK, 1996-present)
Silk Stalkings (USA, 1991-1999)
Simon & Simon (USA, 1981-1989)
Siska (Germany, 1998-presents)
SOKO Kitzbühel
Solo One (Australia, 1976)
Southland (USA, 2009-present)
SP (Japan, 2007-2008)
Specials (UK, 1991)
Special Unit 2 (USA, 2001-2002)
Spenser: For Hire (USA, 1985-1988)
Standoff (USA, 2006-2007)
Starsky and Hutch (USA, 1975-1979)
Street Justice (USA, 1991-1993)
Street Legal (Canada, 1987-1994)
Street Legal (New Zealand, 2000-2003)
The Streets of San Francisco (USA, 1972-1977)
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (USA/Canada, 2002-2005)
S.W.A.T. (USA, 1975-1976)
The Sweeney (UK, 1975-1978)
Switch (USA, 1975-1978)
The Strip (Australia, 2008)
Sea Patrol (Australia, 2007- Present)
Taggart (UK, 1983-present)
Thief Takers (UK, 1996-1997)
The Closer (USA,2005-present)
The Commish (USA, 1991-1995)
The Kill Point (USA, 2007)
The Knock (UK, 1994 – 2000)
The Last Precinct (comedy; USA, 1986)
The Mentalist (US, 2008-present)
The Thin Blue Line (comedy; UK, 1995-1996)
Third Watch (USA, 1999-2005)
T.J. Hooker (USA, 1982-1986)
Triple Nine (Singapore, 1995-1998)
True Files (Singapore, 2002-2007)
True Heroes (Singapore, 2003)
Twin Peaks (USA, 1990-1991)
Der Unbestechliche
The Untouchables (1959 TV series) (USA, 1959-1963)
The Untouchables (1993 TV series) (USA, 1993-1994)
Underbelly (Australia, 2008-2009)
The Unusuals” (USA, 2009)
Van der Valk (UK, 1972)
Vanished (USA, 2006)
Vega$ (USA, 1978-1981)
The Vice (UK, 1999-2003)
Veronica Mars (comedy, USA, 2004-2007)
Waking the Dead (UK, 2000-present)
Walker, Texas Ranger (USA, 1993-2001)
Wallander (UK, 2008-present)
Warehouse 13 (USA, 2009-present)
Water Rats (Australia, 1996-2001)
White Collar (USA, 2009-present)
The Wire (USA, 2002-2008)
Wire in the Blood (UK, 2002-2008)
Without a Trace (USA, 2002-2009)
Women’s Murder Club (USA, 2007-2008)
Wycliffe (UK, 1994-1998)
White Collar Blue (Australia, 2002-2003)
Wiseguy (USA, 1987-1990)
The X-Files (USA/Canada, 1993-2002)
Without a Trace
Yellowthread Street
Z Cars (UK, 1962-1978)

This is just a list of dramas about COPS. (And yes, I realize there are some weird ones here- like, they think Veronica Mars is a cop drama which it really isn’t. I mean, there’s a few cops present but it isn’t a procedural in that sense. Also, Alias? What? Why not throw West Wing on the list too, I think you see a Secret Service guy every once in a while. Stupid Wikipedia).

But still, my point is made- it has been done. We get it. I am officially no longer interested in watching a television program about 1) cop families 2) misfit partners, 3) young lawyers just starting out, 4) hospitals where everyone is mind-numblingly attractive except for the patients. Oh. Those are all new shows next year. Gaaaaahhhhhh. When will it end??? Now, we’re resurrecting OLD cop shows too? You’re killing me here.

Here’s an alternative list of occupations that have a sad lack of representation on the tube. Network executives, please feel free to mine any of these suggestions for television GOLD:

– Zookeepers (think of the poop throwing jokes!)

– Disaster relief workers (like doctors! I’m willing to let us ease into this transition!)

– Social workers (oh, I’m sorry- not enough drama for you? Abandoned kids, beaten spouses, drug use, alcohol, disabled kids on food stamps. Come on. And no, Judging Amy does not count as she was a judge and there we are, back in the courtroom)

– Car salesmen

– Air traffic controllers (a supremely high-stress job, that’s gotta create a bunch of real characters. Like Pushing Tin without you having to wonder about Billy Bob and Angelina’s behind-the-scene antics. Ew)

– Pilots! And flight attendants! (My flight attendant friends have awesome stories. This one would write itself)

– Professional athletes (Footballer’s wives! But in AMERICA. It’ll be like the best of Cribs with more yelling and infidelity and plate-throwing)

– Renaissance fair workers

Got any other suggestions? Something that does not involve the law or scrubs, preferably?


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Because apparently you need reminding, World Thank You CBS

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